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Stylish Vector Flower Illustrator Tutorial

This tutorial provides you necessary steps for creating Stylish Vector Flower using Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1: Our first step is to create a Flower petal drawing. It can be done by two stroke paths of different colours as shown below. Here we use yellow and blue strokes.

Step 2
: Next set specified steps option in the Blend Options settings. It determines the number of steps by which one object blends with another. it is 10 in this tutorial. To select Blend options select Object > Blend > Blend Options

Step 3
: Blends the two petal paths by selecting them and blending them by Object > Blend > Make or press Ctrl + Alt + B .

Steps 4
: Create duplicates of the thus created petals and align them so as to form a pattern like the one given below. Use Alt + drag or copy-paste for creating copies of leaves.

Step5: After completing the petals lets focus on the stem. Stem is also created by using the same blending technique we used in creating petals. The only difference made is in setting the Specified steps. Here The it is set to 8.

Step6: Also Create the Leaves using the same blending technique. The leaf is formed by top and bottom parts. Set the Specified Steps as 5.Also create right and left long leaves using blending with step set to s 3.

Step 7: Put the petals, leaves and stems you created to create a beautiful flower and the final result will be like shown below.


Use different colour, stroke weight, Blend step, Blend Mode, Transparency for creating nice effects