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Transform again Illustrator Tutorial

Transform again technique is used for creating cool and repetitive patterns. It is very useful in designing and illustrations. This tutorial provides you with step by step methods by which you can add the Transform Again Effect in adobe illustrator.

1. Draw a object as shown in below.

2. Select the object with the ROTATE TOOL and bring the ROTATE AXIS of the circle to its bottom .

3. After bringing the ROTATE AXIS to the bottom of the circle, hit ENTER and a dialog window will appear. Set the rotation amount to a little bit and in that dialog window hit the COPY button.

4. apply the TRANSFORM AGAIN EFFECT select the TRANSFORM AGAIN panel from the TRANSFORM panel in the OBJECT main panel in the Illustrator window.

5. Applying the TRANSFORM AGAIN effect will produce a change to your shape similar to the one given below.

6. Use the transform again effect with repetitive points. Apply the effect repeatedly on the new circles formed and finally you will get a pattern similar to the one given below.