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01. Uzhunnu Vada (2 pcs)
Fried doughnuts made with curry leaves, green chillies, black grams and has a crunchy bite. Served with coconut chutneys.
02. Sambhar vada (2 pcs)
Vadas dipped in a dal based vegetarian curry dish and allowed to soak.
03. Idly(2)
Made with rice and black gram and served with chutneys and sambhar
04. Samosa (Veg / chicken / Lamb)
Fried pastries filled with various fillings and served with sauces.
05. Jeera Wings
Small chicken wings marinated in Jeera with a strong base of special spices.
06. Chemmeen Creamy Garlic
Prawns marinated in spices, black pepper, garlic & shallots and fried in olive oil.
07. Chicken 65
Boneless marinated chicken fried well to give a crispy and crunchy taste.
08. Pepper Chicken
Chicken pieces marinated and fried with peppers.
09. Chilli Paneer
An indian form of cheese mixed with masalas and chilli.
Dosas *
10. Nadan Thatv Dosa
11. Masala Dosa
12. Gheeroast
13. Paper Roast
Main Dishes 
14. Chilli Chicken
Marinated fried chicken with gravy made from onions, tomatoes and peppers
15. Nadan Kozhi Curry
A spicy kerala dish, served on the bone with traditional roasted spices.
16. Butter Chicken
Boneless pieces of chicken sauteed to form a thick sauce. Friendly with low chilli users
17. Kozhi Porichathuu
Deep fried chicken served kerala style
18. Ginger Chicken
Boneless pieces made into a thick curry paste with shallots and thin shreds of ginger.
19. Chilli Beef
Kerala Style Dry-fried beef sauteed in roasted spices.
20. Beef Ullarthiyathu
Stir fried beef with curry leaves, mustard seeds, onions and cumin, garnished with fried coconut.
21. Kerala Beef Masala
Traditional beef cooked and stir- fried with a curry paste
22. Calicut Lamb Fry
A dry fried marinated lamb dish from the northern part of kerala
23. Malabar Lamb curry
The Lamb curry from the Malabar coast is well renowned in the area and is cooked in stone vessels for an authentic taste
24. Nadan Meen Curry
A red and spicy dish made with tamarind and cooked in earthen pots and is usually taken well with Kappa or Rice and Yoghurt

25. Malabar Kanava Fry
Pieces of squid, shredded and stir-fried with spices and a light batter


26. Fish Molly
Curried fish made with coconut milk and fresh tomatoes

27. Fish Porichatthu
Deep fried fish cooked kerala style
28. Parippu Curry
Yellow lentils cooked with spices, cumin, mustard, turmeric and dry chillies

29. Vegetable Thoran
stirfried vegetable of the day made into a thoran with mustard seeds, onions and coconuts


30. Avial
A colourful vegetable dish made of assorted fresh vegetables cooked with coconut, curry leaves and spices.


31. Sambar
A mild and tasty curry cooked with lentils and fresh vegetables in tamarind juice


32. Mixed Vegetable curry
A mixed dish of chick peas, potatoes, okra curried together.

33. Rasam
A tangy and soupy dish ideal as an accompaniment for rice dishes
Chemmeen Specials 
34. Chemmeen Chilli Fry
Prawns fried crisp with a wild taste and not usually for the faint hearted

35. Nadan Chemmeen Curry
A red and spicy dish made with tamarind and cooked in earthen pots

36. Chemmeen Masala
Prawns cooked in a spicy and flavored gravy
Roti & Rice 
37. Plain Rice
(Kerala / Basmati)
38. Pilau Rice
39. Fried Rice

(Veg / Egg)
(House Special)
40. Kappa
Boiled Cassava made into a rough mash with coconuts and chillies

41. Chappathi (2)
Flat bread made by spreading dough to thin sheets and heated over the fire.


42. Appam(2)
A steamed and fried bread made from rice flour, semolina and yeast


43. Poori (2)
A form of flat bread fried in oil giving it a puffy and crunchy taste taken with spicy potato masala

44. Kerala paratha(2)
Soft flour beaten to thin sheets and then folded to form layered bread which is the cooked with ghee

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