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Backup/Storage solutions


A good backup and recovery system is essential for a company of any size. Unfortunately, IT doesn't always get the budget it needs, and the backup system almost never gets the money that it needs. Well, if you agree that you need a very good backup system, but you don't have enough money to pull that off, know that our services are designed with you in mind. You need champagne backup on a beer budget.


For an end user no amount of data loss is acceptable. And with the technology that is now available, there is no reason for any data to be lost—that is, if backups are given the proper attention and priority that they need.Lost data will cost you Lost customers, Orders, Morale, Image, Time and Money.


Your backup requirements are determined by your recovery requirements.Not all environments need up-to-the-minute data recoverability. For many environments, recovering the systems up to last night's backups is acceptable. For some environments, recovering the system even up to last week or month is OK. Spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours implementing the greatest backup solution in the world is a waste if you don't need that level of coverage. This usually is not the problem for most sites; on the contrary, most sites don't spend nearly enough money or effort on their backup and recovery systems. In other cases, however, money may be wasted on unnecessarily elaborate systems.


Recoverability requirements also vary from machine to machine within the same company. The amount of work that would be lost, or the possibility of adversely affecting a customer, may determine these requirements. For example, it may be considered acceptable for an employee or two to lose a day's work spent on a few word processing documents. That is, unless it was the Senior Vice President's assistant who was working on the departmental budget, in which case your mileage may vary. And, it would probably be totally unacceptable for you to lose even one hour's worth of entries into a companywide sales database used by hundreds of people.


You need to balance the cost of a particular backup implementation against the projected monetary loss of the outage from which it protects you. For example, assume that you are evaluating two backup choices. The first option involves sending copies of your backup volumes to an off-site vendor for storage at a cost of $500 a month. The second option is an immediately available standby machine in another city that receives up-to-the-minute replication data from your production machine; let's say this option costs you $5,000 a month.


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