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Commercial security system


In numerical terms, shop thefts account for the vast majority of offences. Drawing on studies of shoplifting, the study on Business and Retail Crime by home office makes a cautious assumption of 100 offences committed for every offence recorded by the police.Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an important weapon in the modern fight against crime.

As per the Home office records, over 1.2 million incidents of violence at work occurred in England and Wales in 2000 of which 75% threats were by members of the public against people who were working and rest of 25% were physical assaults.Also it has been reported that 649,000 workers in England and Wales (or 2.8% of working adults) experienced at least one violent incident while working.


At Integral we provide a wide veriety of products and services based on the following Common burglary methods:

  • Opportunity – lack of obvious planning.
  • Sophisticated – pre-planned. Ability to avoid or disable installed security.
  • Smash and grab – damage to building, short time on premises.
  • Ram raid – substantial damage to building using a vehicle. Short time on premises.
  • Walk in – when building is occupied and insecure. Personal and company property at risk

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