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Domestic security system


Our security philosophy stricltly adhers with the policies of the homeoffice policies of crime reduction and we work with the police and other crime watch agencies.At integral we try and make our homes and property more resistant to theft and damage. For that we need to get started with surveying our own homes,further we survey homes using a recognised system and to a recognised standard


Some facts:

  • Most domestic burglaries are committed by opportunists. So removing the opportunity will reduce the chances of becoming a victim
  • Most criminals sell on the stolen items for cash
  • Marked property is easy to identify.Marked property is difficult to sell.When recovered, marked property will be returned to its owner
  • In about 20% of burglaries the thief gains access through an open window or an unlocked door.
  • Repeat Victimisation occurs where the opportunity remains unchanged
  • It is not purely chance that people fall victim to crime.

some answers:

  • Locking cars, fitting an alarm, locking the car away in a garage (thieves won’t know you have a car if they can’t see it)
  • Lock doors and windows when leaving home
  • Fitting a door viewer so that you can see who is calling
  • Mark property
  • Put tools away
  • Keep items out of view

Our domestic security policy can be summed upwith the the 10 principles of crime prevention which are:


  1. Target Hardening( CCTV, Alarm systems)
  2. Target Removal
  3. Remove the Means
  4. Reduce the Payoff
  5. Access Control systems
  6. Visibility / Surveillance: Natural/Formal/Informal
  7. Environmental Design
  8. Rule Setting
  9. Increase the Chance of Being Caught
  10. Deflecting Offenders

For further details please call us on 020 8471 6788 or e-mail us



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