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Internationalization and Web Enabling


Our Application Internationalization service can help you globalize and localize your software with minimal effort and reduced costs.

Your regular application can be re-engineered to make your software independent of cultural practices, language or specific attributes of the market. This enables easy adaptation to subsequent localization.

We can also Internationalize your software by Web Enabling and enriching it with the power of internet with the following services:

  • Internationalization of regular Microsoft platform / Java based applications
  • Testing on native platform
  • Vitalization of your application and devices with the power of Internet connectivity
  • Enhancing the value and life of your legacy applications by incorporating architectural changes to enable them to interface with an Intranet or the Internet.

Our Localization service ensures that your software is adapted for use in a specific locale, i.e. a geographical region that shares the same language and customs. Localization is carried out with due consideration to hardware devices, data encoding, software services, user interface, cultural issues, linguistic elements and documentation. We can also handle graphics and icon changes and help function and adapt them for easy local understanding. The Localized software is always tested on the native platform before delivery.

For further details please call us on 020 8471 6788 or e-mail us




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