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Migration & Re-Engineering


Our unique migration and re-engineering expertise enables you to ensure seamless software migration or re-engineering. This could include cross platform environment change or porting or language change regardless of the mix of operating systems, database engines, query languages, machine dependencies or data formats.

Our Migration service enables you to standardize on specific platforms and move out from legacy systems where often third party vendor support is not available. We can also help rejuvenate your legacy application by either integrating it with new technologies or by porting your applications to more stable flexibility and productive platforms.

Our re-engineering services can address your problem of a large amount of legacy code, by re-engineering your applications to languages that are more operating system independent (for example C++, Java) and provide greater support for object-oriented practices. Our re-engineering services would make your system / code more efficient and easily maintainable.


For further details please call us on 020 8471 6788 or e-mail us



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