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Multimedia Communication

  • Digital RadioBroadcasting
    • MPEG 2 Systems, MPEG 4 Videcompression, MPEG 2 AAC Audiocompression
    • Japanese ARIB standard and ISstandards
    • DSP firmware development
  • Content Delivery over LAN -Set top Box Client and Server
    • Multicast/ Unicast
    • RTP and RTCP over UDP
    • TCP /IP
    • Error handling using FEC
    • NACK sequencing using NORM
    • IPV6 and IPV4
    • OLAP based Adaptive Control Module for network management
  • Multimedia Streaming over network
    • Multicast/ Unicast
    • RTP and RTCP
    • IPV6 and IPV4
    • IEEE1394 bus
    • Free BSD server (STB) and Windows XP clients
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
  • Data handling applications, solutions and software codecs using JPEG technologies
  • Data handling applications and solutions using MPEG1/MPEG2 and MPEG4 technologies
  • Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) technologies

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