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Network monitoring


The only thing worse than disastrous disk failures, runaway remote hosts, and insidious security incidents is the gut-wrenching feeling that comes with the realization that they probably could've been avoided.To avert catastrophe, often the best tool you can have is access to data that enables you to take proactive steps. Whether it's having a disk tell you when it's about to expire or being informed of network or service outages, tools that aggregate data and alert you to anomalies are invaluable to system and network administrators.

We use Nagios for system and network monitoring. It watches hosts and services that you specify, alerting you when things go bad and when they get better.Some of the many features of Nagios® include:


  • Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.)
  • Monitoring of host resources (processor load, disk usage, etc.)
  • Simple plugin design that allows users to easily develop their own service checks
  • Parallelized service checks
  • Ability to define network host hierarchy using "parent" hosts, allowing detection of and distinction between hosts that are down and those that are unreachable
  • Contact notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved (via email, pager, or user-defined method)
  • Ability to define event handlers to be run during service or host events for proactive problem resolution
  • Automatic log file rotation
  • Support for implementing redundant monitoring hosts
  • Optional web interface for viewing current network status, notification and problem history, log file, etc.

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