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Stamp Illustrator Tutorial

This tutorial will provide you a step by step procedure to create a stamp image with Illustrator .Stamp Images are useful for designing photo edge and album cover. In this tutorial we use 9+ version of Adobe Illustrator

1. create a box like the image below using the Rectangle Tool and transform the created rectangular path into zigzag by selecting Effect > Distort & Transform > Zigzag.

After opening the Zigzag window use the Preview to preview the result. The options for zigzag are Size=1, Ridges per segment=26.Press Ok.

2. Select the zigzag path and go to Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow for Adding Drop Shadow effect. The default settings for stamp are: Opacity=50, X Offset=1 Y Offset=2, Blur=3, colour= black.

3. Ultimately remove the stroke colour and place your artwork in it. Align them properly in the centre.


Note: For printing purposes change the Document Raster Effects Settings to 300 dpi to avoid pixelated print output. Document Raster Effects Settings can be changed by selecting Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings. For web applications set it to 72 dpi.