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Work Permits (UK) administers the Work Permit Scheme. The service permits employers based in Great Britain to employ people who are not nationals of a European Economic Area country and not entitled to work in the United Kingdom.


The aim of Work Permits (UK) is to strike the right balance between enabling employers to recruit or transfer skilled people from abroad whilst at the same time protecting job opportunities for residents.


There are three main categories under which work permit applications may be made:

Business and Commercial.
Sports people and Entertainers.
Training and work experience scheme (TWES). Work Permits (UK) also gives permission for multi-national employers to provide internship placements to overseas students.


Those students who are studying at a United Kingdom educational institute and who wish to undertake casual work in their spare time or vacation or a work placement which is part of their course do not need a work permit but need to be aware of the restrictions on the type of work they may do.


Applications for work permits must be made by the employer or by a representative acting on his behalf. Work Permits (UK) does not issue work permits for jobs at manual, craft, clerical, secretarial or similar levels, or for domestic work, such as nannies or housekeepers.


There appears to be a great deal of misleading advice surrounding the issue of Work Permits and particularly Training and Work Experience permits. We are aware that some foreign (non EEA) nationals have been advised that an extension of stay as a visitor enables them to work here. This is not the case. Similarly we have been informed that people who have obtained TWES Permits have been advised that this will ultimately enable them to claim settled status in the UK. The maximum period for a TWES permit is two years after which the holder must leave the UK and cannot qualify for settlement in this category of permit.


We are authorised by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OICS) to give advice at the highest level.


We strongly recommend that prospective employers or employees take advantage of our initial free consultation. We have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with applications for Work Permits, Training and Work Experience Permits or changing employers, and in switching into employment from other Immigration categories.



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